The general contracting activities of Insenerehituse AS can be divided in three groups:

Insenerehituse AS can build and renovate harbour facilities of any design or draught. The company has procured pole-ramming equipment of different capacities and Viiking floating crane with a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes to support its business. We mainly undertake general contracting, but can also serve as a subcontractor in major hydraulic engineering projects or act as consultants during the planning stage.

We have completed a number of projects on rivers to improve migration and spawning conditions for fish. The works have included demolition of old damming structures, construction of new fish passes and spawning areas, as well as installation of Estonia’s first electronic fish counter on Loobu river.

We have performed several operations to eliminate residual pollution on former military and industrial areas. We have also applied biological soil treatment without soil extraction.

  • Viiking floating crane – lifting capacity 100T
  • Crane-operated high frequency vibratory pile-driver
  • Excavator-operated high frequency vibratory pile-driver Movax SPH-75
  • Impact pile-driver
  • Kobelco long boom excavator – 36T, boom range 17m
  • Bed leveller for construction of underwater gravel bed

Founded in 2002 and based on Estonian capital, Insenerehituse AS is a general contracting company specialising mainly in harbour construction. Our history dates back to 1952 when the USSR Ministry of Transportation established the Construction Office of Baltmorgidrostroi Trust. The business was privatised in the beginning of the 1990s under the name of Eesti Vesiehituse AS. A decision to expand the business was made in 2002; the company was restructured and renamed Insenerehituse AS.

Quality and environment

Insenerehituse AS has developed and implemented quality and environmental management systems in accordance with international requirements as confirmed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates issued by Metrosert AS.

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